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ESOMAR Announces Industry Award Winners at Congress 2019

11 September 2019

ESOMAR is proud to announce the winners of a number of ESOMAR industry awards presented at the annual Congress 2019, held in Edinburgh, 8-11 September. 

ESOMAR President, Joaquim Bretcha and ESOMAR Director General, Finn Raben, presented at the Awards Ceremony several awards the winners of which for each category are:  

ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award Winners 2019

This worldwide competition showcases the industry’s best in demonstrating the tangible impact of market research. The finalists include all clients of research, in any market or field, who can prove the commercial or societal impact of their research investment (ROI). The award places particular emphasis on how research affects commercial performance in a measurable way. This award, sponsored by ESOMAR, carries a prize of €4,000.
Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted- GOLD TROPHY WINNER (1ST PLACE)
Melissa Pellegrini, Coles, Australia
Alberto Fernandez, Lewers Research, Australia
Journey of a modernized diary - SILVER TROPHY WINNER (2ND PLACE)
Richa Bhalotia, ITC Limited Foods Division, India

Alexander Holmes, Northstar Research, UK
Thomas Gwin, BBH, UK

ESOMAR Congress Best Paper Award Winner

This award rewards the best paper presented at Congress and carries a prize of €1,000

The real why and the hidden who
Fizing the weak links in how we measure personality to make better use of behavioral science in marketing
Christopher Graves, Ogilvy Consulting, United States
Jon Puleston, Kantar, UK

ESOMAR Best Paper Award Winner 2018/2019

The ESOMAR Best Paper Award is given to the best paper from ESOMAR conferences throughout the year that best reflects the broad aspects and challenges faced by the market research industry today. All nominations are judged by an independent international jury and carry an ESOMAR-sponsored prize of €5,000.  This year we have a joint first prize

Finding your purpose: Learning every single damn day
How to interpret your world and find your IKIGAI
Vanessa Oshima, Starbacks, Japan 

The real story ends in landfill
Using behavioral research and insigths to reduce the amount of unrequested goods sent from Australia during times of humanitarian crises in the Pacific Region
Sam Paul, The Behavioural Architects (Australia), Australia
Crawford Hollingworth, The Behavioural Architects, United Kingdom (GB)
Melissa Gill, The Behavioural Architects (Australia), Australia
Jonathan Hanratty, The Behavioural Architects (Australia), Australia

Young ESOMAR Society Pitch Competition Winner 2019

This year 11 Young ESOMAR Society pitchers took to the stage to pitch a data, research and insights idea in 60 seconds. The winners were voted for by the audience.

How to catch liars before they lie
Kristen Ball, Kantar, USA

Getting the feels
Debby Ling, SKIM, Singapore

Live lens: Getting closer to consumers
Ellie Inman, Sky Broadcasting Group, UK
Emma Bennett, Sky Broadcasting Group, UK

Representative Award Winners 2019

ESOMAR has created two awards that honour ESOMAR country representatives. They are our ambassadors in their markets and countries, and are an integral part of a global team of people who further ESOMAR’s mission to encourage, advance and elevate the cause of market research worldwide.

ESOMAR Best Representative for Emerging Markets 2019
Raul Esteban, ESOMAR Representative, The Philippines 

ESOMAR Best Representative for Developed Markets 2019
Jesper Platz, ESOMAR Representative, Denkmark