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In Memoriam: Ferdinando (Nando) Aldé

28 January 2020

It is with considerable sadness that we report the passing of Ferdinando (Nando) Aldé.

"All associates, colleagues and friends at Media Consultants express their deepest sorrow and immense grief.

We will always remember and miss him as well as his sparkling personality, his extraordinary inventiveness, his awesome intelligence and his heart capable of including and embracing.

Ferdinando was a proud ESOMAR associate, renowned and recognized by all Italian advertising agencies, media centers and media sales houses for his exceptional ability to deal with analytical approaches, algorithms and mathematical models.

He was also a great mentor contributing to the education, development and enhancement of a large number of advertising research experts in the advertising media planning market.

Nando will forever live in our hearts and souls."


Siamo attoniti per l'improvvisa scomparsa di Nando Aldé, membro ESOMAR di lunga data, professionista rispettato e stimato da tutta la comunità dei colleghi, dei clienti, degli stakeholder della nostra industry.

Lo ricordiamo con le parole dei suoi soci, colleghi ed amici di Media Consultants (https://www.mcs.it/) di cui era storico partner.

I funerali si sono tenuti Venerdì 24 Gennaio 2020 nella Parrocchia del Corpus Domini in via Mario Pagano, 6 a Milano.

Giulia Fabrizi & Alberto Stracuzzi
Rappresentanti ESOMAR Italia

Ferdinando Aldé