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ESOMAR Launches Global Neuroscience Guidelines

03 February 2012

Amsterdam 3 February, 2012 - ESOMAR, the world association for market, social and opinion research recently launched a groundbreaking guide  - 36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research - to assist clients who wish to integrate the use of neuroscience in their research.

Developed by a team of suppliers, researchers and clients, the 36 Questions are designed to help research buyers understand what should be asked from a supplier of neuroscience and to help the industry to understand the intricacies of commissioning neuroscience techniques. 

Elissa Moses, project team member and Executive Vice President, Neuroscience and Emotion Ipsos, USA noted, \"With high industry interest in neuroscience ....ESOMAR hopes to help simplify selecting tools and providers by listing the critical questions that differentiate the options.\" 

\"Answering the ESOMAR \"Neuro 36\" can make a huge difference in the experience and satisfaction of a project - by at the very least establishing expectations. Any researcher planning to use neurometrics in a project deserves to have answers to these questions up front. \" 

The guide is divided into 9 key areas ranging from company profile to technique portfolio to sample size to statistical analysis and database comparisons to data quality and validity.  Each question provides useful background on why that question should be asked of a neuroscience supplier and the types of answers that could be expected. 

\"These are the right questions at the right time for advertisers and marketers who are interested in embracing a host of tools that can bring new insights,\" said Dr. Carl Marci, project team member and CEO and Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research, Inc. \"As an industry resource, the 36 Questions reflect the voices of both the marketer and the research provider in an impartial way, supporting a balanced exploration of the neuromarketing research discipline.  Most importantly, the guidelines are designed to keep the conversation going so that everyone benefits.\" 

The project drafted the guidelines and held an open industry consultation in order to formulate the final 36 questions.  The team consists of leading experts in the field and includes: 

  • Sue Nosworthy, Director, TNS Europe, UK
  • Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and Chief Scientist, Innerscope, USA
  • Rachel Sockut, Manager of Marketing & Public Relations, Innerscope
  • Dr. Cristina de Balanzó, Global Head of Neuroscience, TNS, UK
  • Professor Gemma Calvert, managing Director, Neurosense
  • Elissa Moses, Executive Vice President, Neuroscience and Emotion, IPSOS, USA
  • Duncan Smith, Managing Director, Mindlab International, UK
  • Wioletta Maron, Consultant, UK

For more information on the 36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research, please contact the ESOMAR press office.